Judith Wechsler

Research Specialist

Since I have spent most of my career in research, digital safety, I like to say that I worked in social media before it became a thing, namely at AOL UK for almost ten years.

The thing that makes my day delightful isn’t just the amazing people I work with – it’s also discovering untapped potential, and getting to know people who want to be a part of our company.

Ian Gueden

Software Developer / Founder

Growing small businesses into international organizations. Ian is the guy who will ensure that your investment will pay off with great interest. I managed the Google Developers pioneering community team before founding this agency in 2010. As much as it fascinated me then, I still find social media fascinating today. I love the fact that we are still able to pioneer with our clients, and I love the fast pace of change.

Joshua Schmidt

Business Strategist / Co-Founder

I’m passionate about travelling, family, and motorbike adventures. And I’m committed to figuring out how to balance all three at once, which has proved challenging.

I’ve always worked in and around start-up’s and social media due to my background in Communications and Media. I have returned to business development where I can do what I love most: connect with others and help brands solve problems through social media and technology.

Aaron Cohen

Project Manager

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, I’ve been able to work across content, community, proposition development, account management, marketing, and sales.

Creating effective social content requires understanding your consumers’ conversations. While working on large brands for most of my career as a marketer, I’ve been a community manager, transitioning into social strategy and creative collaboration.